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Six Month Smile

Braces. A dark time in the life of many adolescents, with a mouth full of metal and a load of discomfort for what can extend into years.

But braces do their work well. A straight, gapless smile is something to envy, and a great asset in many social and professional settings. Furthermore, it can boost confidence.

For adults with crooked teeth, braces are an option, but not one that is even mildly enticing for most people. The thought of six month smilesshowing up to work, school or anywhere really, as an adult with bulky braces is a scary one.

What to Do

Dr. Bigelow in Salt Lake City offers a new treatment called Six Month Smiles, which represents the latest in cosmetic dentistry.

The Six Month Smiles system focuses only on the front teeth, meaning that a smile can be corrected in a matter of months, rather than years. Using clear braces, the person’s appearance doesn’t have to suffer, even during the middle of the teeth straightening process.

Dr. Bigelow is very experienced with this procedure, and has had excellent success rates.

The Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of Six Months Smiles is that the whole process is gentler than traditional braces. Using a unique system of special nickel titanium wires, teeth are adjusted comfortably. And again, since Dr. Bigelow is only focusing on the visible teeth and isn’t trying to adjust bite, the process isn’t nearly as intense or uncomfortable as teeth straightening for the entire mouth.

And even though the procedure is quicker than other methods, there is no added risk to your teeth or gums or to your oral health in general.

As a final and maybe the most important benefit, Six Month Smiles are generally less expensive than traditional braces.

Contact us to find out more! We are confident that we can safely and quickly improve your smile, and with it boost your wellbeing. We serve Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.